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WISS is a heady blend of nationalities, cultures and ethnicities, all eager to contribute to the life of our school and the wider community around us. Whether our students are with us for a year or two, or stay through to graduation and move on to the university of their dreams, we want our young people to look back on WISS as a time when their love to learn was awakened and they began to touch the lives of those around them.

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Secondary Parent News

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Managebac (our school curriculum tool)


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Open Apply (our online school admissions tool)

Managebac at WISS

Managebac at WISS

What is Managebac?

Managebac is a comprehensive web based school curriculum tool. It handles our assessments, reporting and attendance here at WISS. It can accessed anywhere through an internet browser.

Benefits of using Managebac

It allows you to see your child’s assessment, when they are due, the grades and comments. You can also submit attendance requests when your child is ill. Your child can also receive and send messages to the teacher about assignments, and the teacher is able to respond either as a class or individually. You are able to find your child’s reports so they are never lost.

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Hello! I'm Principal d'Airelle

Greetings! Welcome to Secondary, life for our students and the community is busy and one way I like to keep in touch is through the Secondary Parent News. Of course, this online communication is in addition to our regular channels of communication. If you would like to chat to me in person please arrange an appointment with Olivia Wang or, for email, you can contact me directly

Secondary Parent News

Meet Our Front Office Staff

Our knowledgeable and helpful front office staff, Tammy and Olivia are on hand to help both students and parents with any school issues which might arise. Smile! They have you covered 🙂
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