Dear Early Years Parents


Book Parade (1st November, PreN – G8, 11:00am – 11:40am in the Gym)

This year we will be holding one dress up parade.  The focus for this book parade is “Everyone is a Reader”.   Dress-up costumes can take any format for this year, as long as there is a connection to reading J  Our parade will launch our reading focus for this year; a month long Readathon that will raise money for a reading room in Cambodia.


Storyteller Event (2nd November, Early Years)

Throughout the day on Wednesday 2nd November, Regi Carpenter will be working with the students in Early Years.  She will be working to explore more about stories in specially designed storytelling sessions with Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten students and will be running workshops with Kindergarten later in the day to develop their own story writing skills.  If you would like to find out more about Regi, you can read about her here.


Due to the storyteller being here all day, there will be no Wednesday Afternoon Activities running on 2nd November.


Book Fair – Wish Lists

Throughout the day on Tuesday 8th November, class teachers will be taking Early Years students to visit the book fair.  During their visit they will prepare a wish list of the titles they would love to own.  When you visit the book fair, you will be able to refer to your child’s wish list.  The book fair will be in the Early Years Foyer on Tuesday 8th – Thursday 10th November.  The book fair will be open all day for the parent teacher conferences on Thursday 10th November.


Label Your Child’s Clothing

As we move into the cooler part of the year in Shanghai we start to see lost items of clothing as jacket, coats, hats and gloves are worn.  Please ensure that ALL of your child’s clothing is labelled (including shorts, trousers, skirts, t-shirts and jumpers/sweatshirts) so that when we find lost items and can send these back to their rightful owner.  Unfortunately items that are not named often remain missing.


Parent-Teacher (PT) Conferences – Thursday 10th November

Parent-Teacher-Student conferences are almost here!  These conferences are an opportunity for you and your child’s teacher to share information about how your child has settled into the school year and plan appropriate learning goals and support required for a successful time ahead. We believe these meetings are valuable for all involved. The conference day will begin at 8:40am. Each conference is scheduled for 15 minutes. Please be on time to your conference so that disruptions to the program are kept to a minimum. Conferences will be held in your child’s own classroom.


Families can schedule their conference times by clicking on the link below. Due to the complexities of available times, appointments cannot be arranged through email. Thank you for your understanding as we continue to improve this new system and find ways to make the process even better for everyone.  If you have any problems, please contact the EY office.


Please follow the steps below to make your booking:

Go to the booking site by clicking:


  • Look for an available time slot (for your child’s class) and enter your child’s name in one box only.  For twins in the same classroom, please book two times, one for each child
  • Email both of your child’s class teachers with details of the time you have booked for your child (teachers will keep a record of these times booked to ensure that no previously booked time is overwritten)
  • Ensure that you only enter your child’s details in an empty box, do not make any changes to times that have already been booked
  • Make a note of your time slot in readiness for Thursday 10th November and please arrive on time to ensure that all conferences can run to the schedule during the day
  • EAL students (KG only) – parents are free to book a time with their EAL teacher, should you wish to do this, please look for an available time slot and enter your child’s name in an empty box and email your child’s EAL teacher to confirm your booking time (as above for class teachers).  Please note that booking is only available for those students who are already receiving instruction with the KG EAL teacher.

Please note that if you wish to speak with your child’s Chinese Language teacher, arrangements for this should be made on another day with their Chinese teacher directly. After you have booked your appointment time, please remember to email both of your classroom teachers to let them know your time. This process will help ensure appointment times are not accidentally replaced.

For all families attending the conferences, please note the following important information:

  • Parents are requested to come for their conference time and then return home following this time.
  • All conferences are for parents and teachers only.
  • Schedule changes for conferences are problematic as they affect other families. If you have more than one child in the school and you would like to make any adjustments to your times, please use the online site via the link above.
  • There will be no class for any WISS student on Thursday 10th
  • Parents will only need to come to school when their interview time is scheduled.
  • Students should not be in attendance at the conferences in Early Years.


Important Dates to Remember:

1          Nov        Book Month Launch Parade, 11am, Gym (Primary Building), Pre-Nursery – Grade 8

2          Nov        Storyteller (Regi Carpenter) sessions with children during the day (

9-10     Nov        Obido Book and Toy Fair – open to parents on 9th and 10th November, EY Foyer

10        Nov        Parent Teacher Conferences (Book here:

26        Nov        WISStival Winter Bazaar, 11:00am-2:30pm



  • Daily – View your child’s digital communication book by logging onto your child’s storypark account or by accessing it via the Storypark App
  • Weekly – View the Early Years at WISS intranet page every week,  to see Early Years Parent News, Nurse Information, Wednesday Afternoon Activities, Afterschool Activities, Menus, Events, PYP Curriculum, New to WISS information, weekly Grade Level News, Resources…
  • for all bus ride cancellations, no cancellations after 1:30pm
  • WISS is a nut free school – please no nuts or nut products on campus at anytime
  • Please ensure students are only wearing WISS uniform items at school


Wishing you a lovely weekend!




Fiona Morris

Early Years Principal





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